New Books & Bestsellers

We stock a curated selection of new books, including bestsellers, new arrivals and staff favorites.  If you don't see the book you're looking for on our shelves, we'd be happy to order it for you!

We also offer audiobooks through, which directly supports our store.  


Used & Vintage Books

More than half of our store is filled with used & vintage books for all ages.  Explore the store and find the gems we have in stock.  Our used books are available at a discounted price.


The Great American Read

PBS unveiled a list of America’s 100 favorite novels, chosen in support of The Great American Read, an eight-part PBS series.  The list of books were selected via national survey and spans five centuries.  We have a collection of these books in stock.


Books On The Books

The Book Center hosts a book group forum that meets on the 2nd Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 pm monthly.  Everyone is welcome and no registration is required... just read the books, enjoy the conversation and help yourself to food & wine! audiobooks independent bookstore


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